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Who we are and where you can find us

Formerly known as Blanco Craftwork, UBEDÍES ARTESANÍA is a family run business, devoted to manufacturing esparto crafts for four generations. We started back in 1914. We are located in the Renaissance city of Úbeda, Spain, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Creation and Tradition

    • Created by Pedro Vera in 1900, started off by making esparto grass handcrafts for domestic use.
    • In 1914 Pedro Blanco Vera knowledge begins in Esparto grass, with seven years, in 1939 opened shop and workshop, was the first craftsman to resume the making of esparto grass rugs, an old tradition that dates back to the XI century in Úbeda. This tradition was lost in the XVI century.
    • Enrique Blanco Martínez in 1967.
    • Today, esparto craftsman work is still alive in the figures of his sons, Jesús and Pedro Antonio Blanco.

This artistic discipline was taught at the Art and Trade School in Úbeda by the Esparto Art teachers, Mr. Pedro Blanco (1960-1978) and Mr. Enrique Blanco (1979-2006).


The craftsmanship of this artistic discipline has been taught in:
School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Ubeda, Teachers being it's Artistic Espartería:

      • Pedro Blanco from 1960 to 1978
      • Enrique Blanco from 1979 to 2006.

Prizes and Awards

    • Merit Award to Mr. Pedro Blanco at the II National Exhibit of Industry and Handcraft, November 1943.
    • Honor Exhibitor Award to Mr. Pedro Blanco at Handcraft Market-Exhibit in Jaén, January 1970.
    • Honor Exhibitor Award to Mr. Pedro Blanco at VIII International Countryside Fair in Madrid, May 1970.
    • Pedro Blanco Vera is appointed President of the Provincial Association of Various Fibers, Rush mats and Tapestries, August 1971.
    • Craftwork Honor Diploma to Mr. Pedro Blanco, May 1973.
    • Participation Diploma to Mr. Enrique Blanco at I Cultural and Handcraft Exhibit in Úbeda, January 1980.
    • Honorable Mention to Mr. Enrique Blanco for his craftwork with esparto rugs at I Popular Handcraft Showing in Úbeda, October 1981.
    • Andalusian Prize for the Singular Work of Handicrafts 2018, in its first edition.
    • Included in the National Network of Teachers of Traditional Construction, developed by INTBAU, by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain and by the Rafael Manzano Prize for New Traditional Architecture.