Paris Fashion Week 2019.

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On September 30, 2019, the creator Jienense Leandro Cano presented his spring-summer 2020 collection under the name “OFRENDA”, at Paris Fashion Week, in which Ubedies Artesanía collaborated with the realization of the “Children fighting”, made in pita and using various production techniques typical of our craft, and others that we have had to invent.

The location of this presentation has been the Embassy of Spain in Paris.

Leandro Cano defends that craftsmanship is the new luxury and represents it in his collection "OFRENDA", with eight "bodies" made by many other artisans, among them Ubedies, who have made the piece:

"Children fighting" is the story of the gypsies of the Sacromonte of Granada, brought to art from the mind of Leandro and our hands, it is inspired by the documentary "Flamenco, meeting with the Spanish gypsies" (1962) made by the Swedes Lennart Olson and Dan Grenholm, an objective look at flamenco culture, who after passing through Leandro's creative world represents the image of a day in the Sacromonte in the sixties.

This work allows us to delve into the inner world of Leandro, and play with our materials within the imagination of this great designer.


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