Miss Gran Spain 2018: The Tree of Life.

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Miss Grand Jaén, Pilar Serrano (Jodar).


- Como tu Eventos (Úbeda).

- De Barro y Plata (Úbeda).

- El Duende (Torreperogil).

- Felipe Duque (Triana).

- Ubedies Artesanía (Úbeda).

On June 29, 2018, the Miss Gran Spain 2018 pageant was held at the Alcázar Rey Don Pedro in the city of Carmona (Seville), in the form of "Typical Costume and Fantasy", from the synergy of all of us the suit "The Tree of Life" presented in an unbeatable way by Miss Grand Jaén, Pilar Serrano.

This beauty contest of Thai origin aims to promote peace and end wars, judging the beauty, elegance and personality of candidates from across the country.


The dress represents our province of Jaén and our roots in the production of olive oil from harvesting to obtaining liquid gold.

This suit is selected among the 6 finalist suits to go to Miss Grand International, although it is not chosen, it is a pride to arrive with the rough esparto at this level.


The dress is made, in addition to textiles, jewelry and costume jewelry, in esparto grass and pita. It consists of a skirt inspired by the sculpture with which Ubedies Artesanía was the 2018 Andalusian Crafts Prize, synergy of the vegetable fiber and the mathematical sequence of Fibonacci. And a pamela made of esparto grass with the capacho point technique that recalls the old capachos to filter the oil in the oil mills. With all this the dress receives a wonderful volume, movement and golden perfection.

The work techniques are the same as those used in making basket weaving and the techniques of the Ubedies Carpets, in this case culebrina.


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