Miss Elegance at Miss Planet 2018

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International Miss Elegance and sixth place in the top 10, in the Miss Planet 2018 contest, was achieved by Miss Planet Spain, Lucia Torres Gallardo from Almeria.

The contest was held in Tibilisi, the capital of Georgia, for 7 days.

The competition lasted seven frantic days in which Lucia Torres defended Spain, among other tests with a personal interview in English, and the talent test with a flamenco choreography.

In the test of "Typical and Fantasy Costume" she represented Spain with the costume "The Tree of Life", created by:

- Como Tu Eventos

- Beatriz Arias Sánchez, El Duende.

- Felipe Duque Designer.

- De Barro y Plata.

- Ubedies Artesanía.

This costume is inspired by the sculpture with which Ubedies Artesanía won the Andalusian Crafts Awards 2018, the "Tree of Life" costume combines vegetable fibers such as esparto grass and pita, and the Mathematical Fibonacci Sequence, with traditional techniques. of the Esparto Handicraft, creating a piece of Contemporary Handicraft, in which materials from our land and a mathematical sequence that is in nature related to the Golden Ratio are joined.

This costume represents the motto "Stop the War and Violence", with something as representative of Nonviolence and of our land as the olive branch.


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