Interview with our grandfather, D. Pedro Blanco Vera.

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The fact Esparto utility and beauty (2nd part 2).

Interview of D. Ramon Molina Navarrete in Ibiut Magazine, octobre 1989.


Part 2 of 2.

- In 1970 the head of state gave me the title of distinguished master craftsman. He was also named President of the provincial grouping of various fibers, carpets and tapestries by the union of Jaen, dated August 6, 1971. And I was teaching credentials and testify.

They are letters and painted by autumn decades, worn by almost be read and crucified in the middle by the cross fold. - I've never been a man of politics. I only accept people to be good, not interested parties but I'm not going against anyone. For example I want Ubeda have a good mayor to give him to do things for the people. but what I really like is my Easter, theater, music and bulls.

Peter teaches me books and books of bullfighting, and magazines and brochures and posters and programs ... "What you do not know what place I goad for the second time as a bullfighter Manolete with choppers?" (?) "Because in Ubeda". You see? This does not know hardly anyone ... look, look, here it says "... And after bulls theater." Now where we see the presentations? ". And again mourn inside and feel for the first time my life desire to be rich to spend it all in a huge theater with a revolving stage and, with light dressing rooms, with reclining seats, with special lights, elegant boxes. Pedro looks at me and cut outside the privacy of my thinking.

- My carpets have been unique. I can recognize nothing but watch them. One day I was in a shop in Ibiza where they sold and recognized it immediately. I talked to the clerk asking me new and then I became known. It was something worth remembering.


And we entered the chapter of anecdotes. Hundreds of funny stories that Pedro with his "happy memory" is remembering and reliving laughing and yearnings. Then, after wiping clean tears with her handkerchief, she gets sad and ...

- This job is finished, Ramon, but I'm happy because I see that at least continuous with my son Enrique helped by Augustine. It also seems to me well to be taught in the School of Arts and Crafts ... But this is no longer what it was, the workshops are empty, the machine stops, soils abandoned ...

And she taught me the workshop, workshops and intoxicates me with strength the aroma of Esparto and cornered me mad solitude broken walls with posters of artists of the sixties and kills me the thick, cold silence that breathes.

Pedro, Pedro Blanco Vera does not want to go, I can not even go out for fear of losing the happiness that I had to keep this artist who has managed to turn the useless, rough and tough esparto useful beauties, fine and elegant.

That heaven will reward you. Thank you.

Interview and photos provided by Ramón Molina Navarrete, who Ubedies Arts wishes to thank friendship put in these words.


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