Esparto Role.

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The Esparto in the paper industry.

We find in the independent monthly magazine "The Gazette of the Plastic Arts of 1928 a very interesting article on the manufacture of the paper of esparto, the esparto as raw material of the paper industry in Spain; How, in those years, England was the country that benefited most from the paper made from esparto cellulose, a large part of the raw material leaves the fields of Spain to go to the English factories, which after some time They send it back to paper of various kinds. In England esparto pulp is made from excellent feather paper, and when it is not used as a filling paste to make other kinds of paper. The advantage of English factories is very considerable, since they acquire esparto at very low prices, and having an economic raw material there is a greater margin of profit.

The article also states that in Spain began the esparto paper industry in 1864 in a factory set up in Murcia, followed by others in the Levante region and, among others, that of Villargordo del Júcar, in 1912 the Spanish company of Stationery opened a factory in San Juan de Mozarrifar, near Zaragoza, equipped with the most modern advances, which consumed up to 5000 tons of esparto annually, from Sariñena, Mediana, Fuentes de Ebro, Codo and other localities, producing up to 7000 kilos per day of paper; The Spanish paper mill also installed in its factories in Arrigorriaga, Aranguren and Renteria, esparto pulp equipment, which produced eight tons of this substance per day. Since the last century we have seen the importance of esparto in the paper industry .

We also find numerous references to this subject that we will expand in the following article, where we will analyze a very interesting history between esparto, the British paper industry and an English businessman.


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