De 47 Reales, espadrilles and accessories.

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Almost a year ago we introduced our new brand “DE 47 REALES”, a synergy between graphic designer and illustrator Juan Carlos Quesada and Ubedies Artesanía.


Úbeda has since enjoyed a new commercial brand, the result of the fusion of the most deeply rooted craftsmanship and the most current design, as a sign of contemporary innovation.


The firm UBEDIES ARTESANIA and the renowned graphic designer JUAN CARLOS QUESADA, after years investigating the possibilities of synergy between their professional lines, created the brand “DE 47 REALES” for a set of items such as espadrilles, espadrilles and accessories, which are They are sure to surprise you in an amazing and fresh mix of design and craftsmanship.

An initiative of three Ubetenses captivated by the beauty of their city and their province, “DE 47 REALES” inseparably bears the name of the World Heritage city that has seen it born, making a show of it.


The result of a, this initiative has been fruitful, having already presented our second collection with new models of espadrilles and bags, as well as new Pin Ups designs.


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