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On October 10, the National Handicraft Prize 2016, in which we were finalists along with Pisaverde, the winner of these Awards was Daniel Gil de Avalle. We are honored to be in this final by the handmade category of Daniel guitars and the shoes of Pisaverde.

The dynamic, amusing and nervous event was chaired by the General Secretary of Industry and SME, Begoña Cristeto; the place of the celebration was the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (Madrid).


The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness is the one who calls this Prize, through the School of Industrial Organization, with its Chair Fundesarte, to boost the craft activity and encourage its competitiveness and innovation level.


These awards are an impetus to the creation and innovation of Spanish crafts, the qualities of artisan products and the sustainability of their production processes are emphasized, emphasizing ecological and biodegradable products, as in our case esparto, and its craftsmanship, with an antiquity in Spain of 30,000 years, with these prizes is committed to recover the craft trades of yesteryear and innovate them without losing its essence, adapting them to the new technologies.



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