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Ubedies Artesanía winners in their first edition of the Richard H. Driehaus Prize for the Arts of Traditional Construction, in the modality of Tiles, mosaics, plaster, stucco, sgraffito, decorative pavements and other finishes.

The Richard H. Driehaus Awards for the Arts of Construction are awarded in Spain to the main masters in the various trades of traditional construction, who have excelled in their preservation and continuation.


They are convened annually by INTBAU (International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism) thanks to the support of the Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust and the collaboration of the Ministry of Development, through the General Directorate of Architecture, Housing and Land, the Ministry Education, Culture and Sports, through the Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage and Archives and Libraries, the Rafael Manzano Martos Prize and the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain.

These traditional arts have been gathering for centuries the knowledge of innumerable generations about the sustainable use of the resources of a place and the essential rules for the creation with them of spaces and beautiful and comfortable environments. It is these traditional arts that have given rise to the material heritage that we admire today and without them the conservation of this heritage in the long term would be doomed to failure. They are the result of our culture and our territory, a sign of identity that makes the construction of each region unique, and constitute an irreplaceable accumulation of knowledge about the environment and how to inhabit it not only with respect, but also with long-term profit.

Today, however, they are on the verge of extinction and, with them, it is a fundamental part of our culture and our heritage. The creation of these prizes aims to contribute to alleviate this situation, stimulating the recognition of these teachers and the interest to continue these trades and to promote excellence in them.

In addition you can visit the exhibition of these awards in the Ministry of Development, Arquerias de Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid).

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