PLEITA: blinds, socles, mats.

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Pleita and someone of his usefulness.

The pleita is a complicated way of plaiting the raw esparto (this one is gathered and left to dry).

Some of the usefulness of the pleita, beside using her for the accomplishment of basket-making, are the blinds, the socles and the mats or corridors.

All used for hundreds of years, his use is motivated by the need to isolate of the heat in case of the blinds, the cold in case of mats and corridors, and to shelter of the dampness in case of the socles.

Blinds, which in the warm days of Andalucía and other regions, were used to stop the heat, get wet a bit and refresh much more, besides the smell to boil fresh air that detaches.

Mats and corridors of pleita, in the houses, churches... they are used to avoid the cold of these lands of interior, besides his many uses, the persons of the field it were using for income to the stables of the cavalries, this way they were preventing them from filling with mud the whole entry to the house or farmhouse.

Socles of pleita, used to decorate the walls of the houses, are in the habit of having between a meter or meter twenty centimeters and it is totally stuck to the wall; in addition it is used to cover dampness.


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