Montserrat Rodriguez, memories and espadrilles.

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Montserrat Rodriguez, memories of his Mother and of those shoes Esparto.

Yesterday sent me these magic words, having spent a great day talking of everyday concerns, all these small and great human experiences that we face every second of our life, every breath, every breath, every step we walk in each of our dreams.

Me devoted and I will, in turn, dedicate it to the White Brothers from Ubedíes Artesanía, as they are the "culprits" that came out to light a conversation about a wonderful carpet Esparto (yours) that I enjoy, and there , this story.

Look how much magic is in your carpets:

"The carpet slippers and Esparto. Dedicated. Since childhood I remember in the summer my mother bought us Esparto shoes. We complained my brother and I like scraping feet. She replied that so the plant was making the roughness and come worse or better shoes. If they were worse, we'd already used. If better, the infinite appreciate. Growing up, I realized that my mother, unintentionally, had created a metaphor. Life were slippers Esparto, rough and rugged, but with better and worse times. In my adult life I have met a person who owns a carpet of esparto extremely beautiful. Mind that wanders with delight because it receives a satisfying massage. Your carpet is also a metaphor for his attitude to life. The existence scratches, yes; but she is able to glimpse like no sweetness that still offers us. Sometimes, without thinking, slippers and a carpet hide wise lessons. There is so much poetry around it is impossible to resist reading the hidden energy of Creation verses! ".

And who I wrote to me, thank you very much, I am very lucky that esteis to me.


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