Familia Blanco, Familia de Esparteros.

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Over a hundred years working on Esparto, four generations with time, work and skillful hands have changed the despised, austere and hard esparto, in CRAFTSMANSHIP and BEAUTY.

The White family is linked to Esparto over a hundred years ago.

- Prowling 1900, Pedro Vera Galise opens a store and workshop dedicated to the manufacture of articles of straw, harness, ..., all of its production is directed to daily needs, both as domestic labor.

- In 1914, Pedro Blanco Vera, his nephew and our grandfather, started his apprenticeship at the office of Esparto and saddlery. In 1939, it became independent opening his own workshop and shop "Crafts White" devoted entirely to work the Esparto, also "resurrected" carpets "Ubedies" Esparto, which come in Ubeda in the eleventh century and almost disappear in the century XVI, going not only to cover the daily needs with its products but also wide to the decorative realm.

In the workshop they come to work about forty people, with almost all women.

In addition to his craft and business work devotes his free time to teach his art at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Ubeda, totally altruistic, for over fifteen years.

Receives innumerable awards, citations, ... all of them for their work, the quality of their work, the love and affection that gave his Craft, and dedication to craft.

- In 1967, received the witness, Henry and John, their children and our father and uncle, Juan is dedicated to painting and leaves the Esparto.

Enrique is dedicated since then until his retirement at esparto, permeating his works the same love and dedication to his father, our grandfather.

The time does not pass in the workshop is devoted to show our craftsmanship and teaching at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts Artíticos Ubeda, early altruistically and subsequently implemented after the square of artistic craftsmanship at the center, with parking Professor after opposition.

Also received awards and citations, exports to the United States Esparto exhibiting in New York and Miami representative in Europe send their works several countries, it states in Finland ...

- In 2014, Pedro and Jesus continue the work of the artisan esparto, performing the usual craft pieces, and innovating designs, colors, shapes, ...

We opted for new technologies to publicize our craft.


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