Interview with my grandfather Mr. Pedro Blanco Vera

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The fact Esparto utility and beauty (part 1 of 2).

Interview for D. Ramón Molina Navarrete in Ibiut Magazine.


- I do not give any importance. I get along with everyone.


Pedro Blanco Vera ... Vera as shore to lay a craft time effort. Like a bunch of white foam on the beach of elegance. Peter as a rock records which build the temple of friendship and love, is a simple one day and inadvertently man was fighting with leaves Esparto, spears doblegadas by water and blows, and hands and the heart to be born to light as a new immaculate universe.

We are at home. An immense closure as a watchtower in the jugular of Ubeda intimately embraces us with their hands do not know what mystery like a box of Marcelo Góngora dreams. Pedro is agile and wears soft tones. His fingers are tired. His eyes, sunken in memories, still throb to mischief and genius. Whitest hair, as if the light had rained the snow on his head a starry night. There are over us and under us a special deep perfume, a dry aroma and happy that sticks more than the sense in the soul.

- I was born on June 18, 1906. My father was Henry and my mother Isabel. My father worked in the field. I was in the Escolapios to twelve years. I left school to go to work in the shop my uncle Pedro Vera Galise, on the street Mesones. That store was all, saddlery, wickerwork, espadrilles store .... I paid a Perragorda I exchanged for a large round Ochio. And he speaks, and gives details and names and dates .....,

I'm opening my eyes with astonishment and get lost in the maze of his words like a dewdrop in the fog.

- I got married on October 5, 1939. We married Christopher D. Farrier at San Nicolas. My parents had no money. While helping my uncle was riding my wickerwork shop in the Plaza del Stableman. It helped a lot D. Joaquín Oset. In the fiftieth year we moved to Royal Street. I was apart from the typical esparto, rugs and zig zag roscos and cordelate. I was the first craftsman who returned to the mat Arab tradition "Ubedí" .... all this I could tell in the TV show "This is Your Life" who proposed to me, but .....  

And Peter speaks and ascends and flies ...... and spend minutes and hours, and my hand gets tired of taking notes and understand that it is better to listen and smile and thank ......   


- The business was very good. I got to put even a lovely shop in Bailen. They had much acceptance, the Ubedies carpets of pure craftsmanship. My son John was wonderful drawings. We were the first in Spain in the manufacture of carpets of this type. In this house they came to work more than forty girls and no I have had the slightest problem. They made orders worldwide and that in Ubeda began to emerge wickerwork other workshops like Luis Garcia Salinas, Alfonso Moreno Mendez and Manuel Latorre .... but I was always the most visited. You see, my house have been all kinds of personalities, ministers, writers, bishops, singers, artists, CEOs ..... Among them I remember Fraga and Luis Mariano singing girls every time he came to the workshop. Ah¡ and want to make a clarification, everyone thought and think I gave away what they asked me, but it is not, here everyone has paid voluntarily.

Interview and photos provided by Ramón Molina Navarrete, who Ubedies Artesanía wishes to thank friendship put in these words.


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